Safety and security ensures the safety and security of all its members.

Virtual currency markets are new and unexplored phenomena. always puts the safety of it's users first. Our service offers well-researched resilient security measures and easy-to-use reputation features to maximise the security of trading and to protect you against fraud. These security mechanisms have been tried and tested by leading Internet ecommerce sites such as eBay and

Reputation system

Deal with safe traders allows you to trade in bitcoins with other users of the site. Each user has a reputation rating and a public history that shows their past activity. When you trade with a user with high feedback score, you know you are dealing with a well-established party.

  • The reputation score is shown next to the username
  • View the public feedback by clicking the username


Escrow process protects your bitcoins

When a request is made to trade on, the specified amount of bitcoins you wish to buy are held locked on's escrow service. After initiating a buy request, the bitcoins are reserved from the wallet of the seller and put into escrow. The bitcoins are not released until the seller confirms the trade has been completed.

  • Escrow process locks the bitcoins until confirmation from the seller
  • Cash trades are protected by transaction service
  • In the case of problems, support resolves the dispute cases

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication prevents account theft offers optional two-factor authentication with a mobile app or paper codes. The same method is used by Google and internet banks. When enabled, you need to enter a secret code from your mobile phone or printed paper to log in. By doing this, malicious parties cannot access your account in the event that your computer or user credentials are hijacked.

Login guard

Login guard prevents unauthorized logins

LocalBitcoins remembers your web browsers and verifies logins are coming from the same browser. If an unknown web browser is encountered, an email confirmation is required before the login can proceed.

Support and conflict resolution

Get local help and resolve disputes

For all question and enquiries, you will receive help from the support team and the active community base of the discussion forums. We also have Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts to help strengthen our communication where we regularly answer to questions from all around the world.

If any difficulty emerges between the buyer and the seller, the team will resolve the dispute according to the site terms of service. Our support staff are available within the office hours.

Legal and jurisdiction

Public track record from a bitcoin friendly country is a well-established bitcoin trading site operating since early 2012. We have been featured in international business magazines like Businessweek and Forbes. High activity users have conducted over thousand successful trades on the site.

The parent company, LocalBitcoins Oy is registered to Helsinki, Finland. On the 2012 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, Finland is the least corrupted country in the world.

  • operates under the respected Nordic jurisdiction
  • We have a track record of being a trusted bitcoin exchange site