Real name verifications

LocalBitcoins traders may require real name verification when you buy bitcoins online.

You may need to set your real name to your user profile before buying bitcoins online from some traders. Setting your real name is not required for local cash trades or for safe online payment methods. Your real name is never exposed publicly, it is only shown to Bitcoin traders with whom you've opened trades.

  • Have your real name set may be required when buying Bitcoins online.
  • Verifying your real name helps protects bitcoin sellers against fraudulent payments.
  • Setting your real name is optional.
  • If you do not wish to expose your real name search for advertisements where ID verification is not required. Usually sellers selling for e.g. cash deposits and local cash trades do not require ID verification.
  • LocalBitcoins users can see how many times your real name has been confirmed on your public profile page.

How is my real name checked?

Bitcoin sellers verify your real name

When you make bitcoin purchases where setting your real name is required, the bitcoin seller will confirm your real name during the trade. After your real name has been confirmed, it cannot be changed.

The bitcoin seller is free to dispute the purchases if the provided real name does not match the payment details used in the trade.

Bitcoin sellers may check your government issued ID

Additionally, the bitcoin seller may ask to see your government issued id or a utility bill. This gives additional protection against fraudulent purchases.

Pro traders give trusted real name verifications

Real name verifications receive trusted status when a bitcoin seller with considerable reputation performs the real name verification.

Where can I see my real name verifications?

All your real name confirmations appear on the real name status page.

How does the real name policy protect the bitcoin seller?

Accepting unauthorized payments is a risk for the Bitcoin seller. Our real name policy is designed to prevent unauthorized transfers in bitcoin purchases. By checking the id of the buyer and making sure the id matches the paying account name, the seller of bitcoins can verify the buyer's identity and that he is using his own payment accounts.

How is my information protected?

After ninety days of the transaction, LocalBitcoins deletes messages and files related to the bitcoin purchases, including the file attachments like scanned ids. For more information see LocalBitcoins data retention policy.