Real name verifications

LocalBitcoins traders may require real name verification when you buy bitcoins online.

You may need to set the real name in your user profile before buying bitcoins online. Real name is not required in local cash trade or safe online payment methods. Real name is never exposed publicly.

When is the real name required?

  • Real name check may be required for online bitcoin purchases. Real name is not required when selling bitcoins.
  • The real name check protects the bitcoin seller against fraudulent payments.
  • The real name check optional. It is turned on by default for wire transfers and other bank account payments.
  • If you do not wish to expose your real name please use a payment method where real name is not required include e.g. cash deposits and local cash trade.
  • Advertisements requiring a real name are identified with Real name required label in the listings

How is real name checked?

Real name gives additional reputation for your user profile

LocalBitcoins users see how many times your real name has been confirmed on the public profile page. The name itself is never public.

Entering the real name

You can enter your real name under Edit profile.

The bitcoin seller checks the real name

When you make the first bitcoin purchase where a real name is required, the bitcoin seller confirms your real name from the online banking payment information. After the real name has been confirmed, it cannot be changed anymore. Real name check cannot be performed on payment methods where the name of the payment sender is not visible.

The bitcoin seller is free to dispute the purchases if the provided real name does not match the online banking account used in the purchase.

The bitcoin seller may check government issued id

Additionally, the bitcoin seller may check a government issued id or a utility bill of the bitcoin buyer if the buyer has no LocalBitcoins account history. This gives additional protection against fraudulent purchases when dealing with users with no prior reputation. The check can be performed using Attach document function in LocalBitcoin messaging system.

Pro traders can grant trusted real name verification

Real name verification gets a trusted status if a bitcoin seller with considerable reputation performed the real name verification. Trusted real name status is very difficult to manipulate.

Where can I see my real name verification status?

All real name confirmations, as there might be several of them from different bitcoin sellers, appear on the real name status page.

How does the real name policy protect the bitcoin seller?

Accepting unauthorized payments is a risk for the seller of bitcoins. Real name policy is designed to prevent unauthorized transfers in bitcoin purchases. By checking the id of the buyer and making sure the id matches the paying account name, the seller of bitcoins can verify the buyer is operating on a genuine online banking account.

How is my information protected?

After ninety days of the transaction, LocalBitcoins deletes messages and files related to the bitcoin purchases, including the file attachments like scanned ids. For more information see LocalBitcoins data retention policy.

Real name verification for bitcoin sellers

  • Real name check is available only for your selling bitcoins online advertisements. You can enable it in advertisement edit.
  • Real name check is turned on by default for new advertisement where you sell bitcoins on national bank transfer or SEPA transfers. You can turn it off if you wish to reach a more privacy-sensitive audience.
  • When you are releasing the escrow you are asked whether the real name you see in the payment matches one in the buyer's user profile.
  • You may ask the buyer to provide a government issued id or utility bill as an additional proof for the real name and banking account ownership. You can receive the scanned document through LocalBitcoins messaging. This is recommended procedure for the buyers with no prior account history.
  • If the name of payment sender does not match the LocalBitcoins real name, we recommend you to use your consideration whether to release payment. See potential risks in bitcoin online selling guide.