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LocalBitcoins statement regarding the possible hard fork on Aug 1 2017

by Max

We are closely monitoring the current situation regarding the risk of a Bitcoin hard fork occurring on August 1st. Today, July 18th, it looks possible that the hard fork will be avoided as BIP 91 can activate before then.

Our current plan in case BIP91 does not activate before August 1st, and the risk of a hard fork becomes real, is to stop all Bitcoin transactions for a period of time in order to protect the Bitcoin you have in your LocalBitcoins wallet. Once the danger period has passed LocalBitcoins will allow withdrawals of Bitcoins on both the majority and minority chain for as long as it is feasible and possible to support both chains.

In case BIP 91 fails to activate and the risk of a hard fork becomes real we will share more information via our blog, twitter and email.

To get more detailed information about the situation please read the following article

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