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Buying Bitcoins

from user blockcodes

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Payment method:
Seller's rate:
1164.96 USD/BTC
Trade limits:
At least 50 USD
Signing up is free and takes only 30 seconds.


Terms of trade with blockcodes


✅ Serve2Serve ✅

Serve name MUST match your Local Bitcoins Real Name.

You WILL be required to provide us with ID if this is our first trade together.

1 Trade per 24/hrs only please.


✅ Instructions ✅

1.) Open Trade and wait for email.
2.) Submit ID for verification if requested.
3.) Send funds to Serve account.
4.) Funds are verified received and escrow released promptly.


✅ Terms: ✅

1.) Your name on localbitcoins MUST MATCH the name on your Amex account.You are required to provide ID if you this is our first trade together. Third party payments will NOT be paid and will be HELD for 30 days to be claimed by the originating sender.

2.) When sending with Serve please DO NOT write anything in the payment comments.

3.) You agree that any money or bitcoin you send is obtained legally, and any money or bitcoin you receive will be used legally.

4.) I reserve the right to refuse any trade.

5.) Because of the New York BitLicence I am suspending service to residents of New York State, effective immediately. Sorry for any inconvenience

6.) If you do not accept these conditions DO NOT OPEN TRADE.

Profile link
Last seen
1 week, 4 days ago
Trade volume
100-250 BTC
Confirmed trades
Feedback score
Verified 3 months, 2 weeks ago
Escrow release times
Median: 22 min; Average: 63 min

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