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Buying Bitcoins

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Payment method:
Cash by mail
Seller's rate:
1157.19 USD/BTC
Trade limits:
2000 - 9786 USD
Signing up is free and takes only 30 seconds.


Terms of trade with cashforbtc

Need a LocalBitcoins account? Signup here:

We offer a premier service for discerning high-end clients. We do not offer the cheapest rate. We are instead focusing on recognizing your needs and giving you the best trading experience with the highest reliability.

We have a perfect feedback rating with over 1000+ happy clients and a Pro Trader badge (you can go ahead and check). We are here to stay, having been around longer than most vendors (close to 4 years).

Unlike other vendors:
★ We focus exclusively on selling online using cash by mail, so you know it will be done right. Other vendors sell with gift cards or so many other payment methods that it simply divides their focus and therefore may affect your service.
★ We don't play games with the price. The price you open the trade at will ALWAYS be the price you pay bitcoin at. If the price goes up from when you opened the trade, too bad for us. A DEAL IS A DEAL with us and we don't force you to re-open a trade or pay more like other vendors do.
★ We will ALWAYS have coin while others run out. You will see this during periods of volatility, as they don't want to sell for a loss during a dip or they run out due to supply issues.
★ We have the best respect for your privacy (details below).

*Please read this in FULL if this is your first time trading with us*

Sorry, no shipments from outside the US OR from NY. Please only open a trade when you have funds in hand and are ready to send TODAY.

Wickr: cashforbtc
Signal: 778 3 oh 8 8358 (text messages won't be replied to except through Signal)
Email: cforb at protonmail dot com (PGP avail, email your key first)

We are the only vendor to offer live real-time secure communication in the best encrypted messaging apps (Wickr and Signal), as well as PGP with Protonmail, a Swiss-based email service with arguably the best privacy. Privnote is also an option for certain info.

If you are looking for the vendor who knows their security and privacy, you've found us.

Confidentiality and your privacy will be respected. This is one of the most anonymous ways of buying bitcoins with cash. No need to give us your ID or to a bank for a cash deposit or to meet in person. Private direct trades are also available - please Wickr/Signal/PGP us.

We can trade larger volumes. Only some coin is loaded onto LocalBitcoins at any one time to reduce third party exchange risk, so if you want to trade larger amounts just send us a message by the methods above.

0.5% DISCOUNT/EXTRA COIN if all cash in blue 100s.

NO THIRD-PARTY TRANSACTIONS. Please include a note or paper with your username and "For purchase of bitcoin" inside the package.

You will get cost certainty - the rate you open the trade with is the rate you will get, no need to adjust when we actually get the cash.

The receiving address is a mail depot so even if tracking indicates the package has been delivered, we still need to pick it up first before we can process your order. We generally pickup on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, and FRIDAYS as the depot is a 2 hour round-trip drive. So if your package arrives on another day you will have to wait a day or so before we can release the order. We usually release on the same day we pickup.

You pay any shipping fees and please use either USPS Priority or Express. Signature optional. USPS First Class is possible but please discuss with us first. SHIP ONLY WITH USPS. DO NOT use UPS, Fedex or other private couriers.

Do not mark the trade paid until you have provided us with the tracking info and the package is in the custody of USPS.

We are experienced and have sent and received several cash shipments with no problems via USPS thus far. However, we are not responsible for lost packages or any hiccups during shipping. If your shipment is prepared well you shouldn't have an issue. Keep in mind that mailing cash is NOT illegal, however cash is not insured by USPS Priority or Express. By opening this trade you acknowledge you accept the risk of loss/seizure in the mail, in which case the escrow will be awarded to the seller.

If you are new to this trading method, please ask any questions. Details and how-to will be given once trade is opened.

After we receive the shipment, we will video the opening of the package, plus count and check every bill for any counterfeits. This video is for verification purposes and deleted for privacy after the trade is complete.

By opening a trade you agree to these terms and acknowledge that your Bitcoins were not acquired from any illegal purpose or activity nor will your Bitcoins be used for any illegal purpose or activity whatsoever.
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Pro trader
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1 hour, 24 minutes ago
Trade volume
500+ BTC
Confirmed trades
Feedback score
Verified 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Escrow release times
Median: 4559 min; Average: 3777 min

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