Buy bitcoins using Bank: To my UK Bank from your UK Bank with British Pound (GBP) user fwends wishes to sell bitcoins to you.


46,963.32 GBP / BTC

Payment method:

Bank: To my UK Bank from your UK Bank


(feedback score 99 %, see feedback)

Trade limits:

50 - 2,000 GBP

Payment window:
1 hour 30 minutes

This trader is currently on vacation or is out of bitcoins. Please search for another trader.

Terms of trade with fwends

【】New Users Welcome:

☞ I will provide payment details, once I check your account, please provide your contact number and ID right away when you open the trade.

✅ To comply with the regulation in the UK under "Anti Money Laundering" (AML) & "Know Your Customer" (KYC).

We require Verification from ALL buyers who have not purchased from us, regardless of their "good feedback, trading history or account age" "Verified with localbitcoins?" You still need to verify with me - No Exceptions!

✅ You have the option to cancel the trade in case you are not happy to follow our instructions regarding verification.
✅ Payment details will be provided "after" verification. We Guarantee FAST release of BTC, as soon as the payment is cleared.
✅ It takes Less than 5 minutes for "Trusted Buyers" to complete a trade with us
✅ We are registered with ICO for Data Protection Act and can assure you that your Verification Documents will not be used for any other purposes
❌WE DO NOT accept CASH DEPOSITS, THIRD PARTY PAYMENTS / TRANSFERS or payments coming from a bank account which is not in the name of the person registered on their localbitcoins account.

❌ Please don't open a trade if you are not willing to verify yourself.

Terms & Conditions:
✅ NEVER mention the word BITCOIN within a bank or use it as a reference!
✅ No third party payments accepted!
✅ You are required to stay at the trade window for the duration of the trade
✅ Once you have payment details you must pay immediately, late payments count result in payment being rejected or further ID checks
✅ You might need to take a screenshot of the bank receipt and upload it to the LBC system
✅ Video verification will be required in some cases, WhatsApp video call, for example, if your deposit is too late or if you have low history/ bad feedback and come after large amounts video will require you holding up your ID with your bank details.
✅ Sending me a message and asking bank details confirm that you have read my terms and you agree with them, you might be asked for verification after you have paid.
✅ Your Bitcoins will be released from LBC escrow as soon as I have confirmed the bank transfer and the funds in my account.

⚠️ Please note if you do not follow the terms and conditions of this trade the coins will not be released under any circumstances no matter what identification you may or may not provide and it will go to dispute.


(I reserve the right to refuse any trades with no reason)